Saturday, March 6, 2010

What I Had for Lunch

Yes, it’s Saturday, I know. So here are my quick bites before I head out to find some sun down here off the coast of South Florida.

Pitching a product without a product? What an esoteric concept
– I’ve been doing that with a footwear retailer for the past year. All I can say is GOOD LUCK CLARINS. (And read the comment by John Baker of Iris London)

Stop the presses!!! Another US airline charges for legroom
– Shock, horror, gasp, exclamation mark!!!! Get used to it people, carriers have been doing this in Europe for only about 10 years. It is not a new thing. My view is that mainstream media outlets only fuel “consumer outrage” instead of explaining that the legacy airline model was/is unsustainable and that carriers are only doing what businesses in other industries are doing – charging people for what they use. When US consumers swallow this reality, the skies will be a much less turbulent place.

More on Airlines – Business and Premium Class Travel is on the rise – if there was ever an economic indicator that a recovery was in full swing, this would be it. When execs start traveling to see clients again (instead of having boring conference calls and GoTo Meetings), you know that good times are just around the corner again.

And for the moneyed set in Palm Beach, Florida, it’s “what recession???”
– Despite many a fortune in the region being erased by made-off-with-it Madoff, the golfers of Palm Beach County have been teeing off like there’s no 1990 or 2001. Besides, how else do you deal with the stress of watching your fortune vanish? Go hit some balls.

Work at an ad agency? Then you’ll know what BNET’s Jim Edwards has to say about them
- Two words… Dante’s Inferno.

More on advertising….Ads that show kids throwing up after a night out of binge
-drinking actually ENCOURAGE binge-drinking? – What about showing teens or young adults some of other consequences of binge drinking, like being date-raped, or being “bottled” outside a nightclub? That might work.

Happy weekend, see you Monday!

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