Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Now Here's Some Change You Can Believe In

Now Here's Some Change You Can Believe In - Michelle Obama takes on childhood obesity

Overweight and unhealthy kids have been three decades in the making. I know, I was one of them – and that was way back when we still had PE and played on the streets after school and on weekends. TV was a treat and reading was something we did for entertainment - imagine!!! Today, billions of kids are exposed to crappy, unhealthy food, almost zero exercise and a life of online everything. As parents today, most of us are guilty of having too little time to make sure our kids get enough exercise or making sure they're eating the best and most nutritious food we can give them.. I am guilty of this too.

So kudos to Michelle Obama for taking on this cause on behalf of America's children. It's not their fault they are obese when we feed them with rubbish everyday.. It's not their fault they're overweight when schools serve sugary junk food in the cafeterias.

And the best thing is that Congress won't get a chance to screw this up. That you can believe in!!

Sign up to support Let's Move and help American children (and us parents)re-establish a healthy relationship with food, exercise and healthy living again.

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