Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Think you Know PR? Think Again

My article in MediaPost, Think You Know PR? Think Again, seems to have struck a nerve with the many people – and not just in the PR community.

Earned media has never been more valuable; it's impossible to buy, after all. And while paid media's supporting role is very strong, companies are continuously looking for new ways to distribute authentic messages and engage others in what they do; corporate shtick has no place in that equation. But earned media is just that -- earned. As much as we'd like, we can't make people say great things about us (or our companies) unless they truly value and believe in what we do.

So if PR is playing a greater role in achieving that missive, do we (and our clients) really get it?

PR can achieve many different things, but the game is changing quickly. As an industry, we need a firm grasp on what the marketplace demands, and our ability to deliver. We need to get tougher when it comes to expectations: We're being called upon to do a lot more with a lot less. It's time for us to gain more respect in what we do, by communicating exactly what it is that we do.

Do you understand PR in today’s terms, and what PR can or can’t do? I invite you to join in the conversation!

To read my entire article on MediaPost, "Think You Know PR? Think Again", click here

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