Thursday, September 24, 2009

8 Reasons Why Marketers Should Ramp Up Their Visibility Strategy

(My original article appeared in Mobile Marketer on August 18, 2009)

Are we in the throes of a recession hangover yet? Yes and no, depending on who you listen to.

Recession or not, however, businesses and consumers remain wary and cautious about spending. The road to recovery is likely to be slower than we thought. But as I wrote in my column in Mobile Marketer today, this is precisely the time when businesses and marketers should be ramping up their visibility and getting back on their customers radars.

Why now?

Because history has proved time and again that the bold survive. Knee-deep in the discount dustbins is not a strategic position, nor is being invisible to your customers. Companies that survive and grow are marketing from a position of strength, not a defensive crouch.

A conservative approach, prudent as it may seem after almost a year of negative GDP, is actually counterproductive.

It is shortsighted to view this recession, or any recession, as anything less than an opportunity for future growth. It is impossible to engage with your audience if your brand has gone into hiding, waiting for the markets to rebound.

And it is very hard to make a comeback without being visible or without customers.

Click here to read the article in Mobile Marketer 8 reasons why marketers should ramp up their visibility strategy.

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