Wednesday, February 9, 2011

PR In The Age Of Plagiarism

You know that a journalist has hit rock bottom when he or she starts copying another journalist/media outlet verbatim.

That's what happened two weeks ago when one of Britain's top newspapers, The Daily Mail, lifted entire sections of a story that ran only four days earlier in The New York Times.

In our "Age of Information," how could any journalist be deluded enough to think they could get away with plagiarism of that scale? Google Alerts, hello?

The original Daily Mail rip-off had the byline not of an ambitious rookie journalist looking to make a quick splash in her career, but of a seasoned reporter for the paper -- which makes the move even more astounding. If ever a journalist was considering cut-and-paste "reporting," the last place I would recommend for material is The New York Times. Not that I am recommending doing that at all.

Copying Is Not A Form of Flattery

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