Monday, December 28, 2009

Let's Stuff ROI Rogers

I read an article in Forbes last week about a topic that makes me both cringe and laugh. It's about the nonsensical marketing jargon that has infiltrated our business communications and lexicon, and just how ineffective and ridiculous educated professionals sound when they fall prey to this lingo.

If you've ever sat through a meeting listening to the speaker rattle on about increasing ROI by thinking outside of box in order to take it to the next level - and how we can use our learning to create a synergy that will propel the paradigm shift needed to keep the next generation of thought leaders engaged....oh for goodness sake. Enough with the smoke and mirrors already!

A sound and direct command of language that communicates to an entire audience, not just the “initiated few” is the message that travels the farthest and has the greatest effect. (Not affect.) So cut the BS right now!

As speaking of BS, my agency updated a fun little game be used as entertainment at your next power pow-wow. We call it "Bull**** Bingo!" Click here to download it. Print it out and share it with like-minded colleagues. It's guaranteed to bring smirks and giggles.

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