Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Charlie Lost His Sheen?

It's disheartening, in the year 2009, to still see the abuse of women tolerated. Sure it makes headlines - we just shake our heads then move on to the next story.

Last month it was Good Guy Tiger Woods' emotional abuse of his wife, and this week its Bad Boy Charlie Sheen at it again with the physical stuff.

When CNN correspondent Jo Piazza asked for my PR take on the damage to Sheen's career, I had to say that there really would be little or no repercussion. He's done it before - and if anything the public probably expects it (unlike the Woods expose which took most of us by surprise. I, for one, blogged my heart out over it.)

So. Has Charlie's career lost its sheen? Nope. We actually got what we expected. No charges, no jail time, no endorsement contracts cancelled - carry on Charlie.
Click here to read the CNN piece.

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