Sunday, October 17, 2010

Outside The Cubicle: When Creativity Kicks In

The work I do takes me to a lot of different places. I get to travel a great deal - which is both tiring and fun - but I wouldn't have it any other way.

What I’ve discovered when I'm on the road (or in a cab, or on the runway or at 35,000ft), is that being outside the proverbial cubicle feeds my creativity.

Being untethered to a desk and away from a routine working environment somehow unleashes a different part of my thinking process, one that is unencumbered by the barrage of calls and emails that I deal with at ThinkInk on a daily basis. Armed with my blackberry, laptop (and now iPad), I’m able to churn out an incredible number of articles, new ideas and projects to get started on.. So many, in fact, my office dreads when I go away now because I come back with so much more to do.

And not a minute seems to be wasted while I'm on the road; emails are answered, documents are checked, files are saved and work caught up on.. Alas, now I’m desk-bound again and the cycle starts all over.

Do you find yourself more creative away from your regular work environment? More productive even?

Here’s a short visual “diary” of the last trip, courtesy of my phone.

Bye bye beach

View from my London office – grey skies, what a surprise!

Luna the dog (my son’s charge for a day)

Streets of Toronto

Night time in Toronto

Interviewing Richard Cushing at the GuestLogix User Group conference, Toronto

Cheesy smiling with John Devin at the GuestLogix User Group conference, Toronto

Night out with the boys in Toronto – Jason and Richard at the GuestLogix User Group gala

Vieux Montreal – thank heavens for sunshine!

Atwater Marche – YUMMMMM

Brunch at Thursday’s, on Sunday

Montreal’s main thoroughfare in Chinatown.

And yes I did manage to work in between all that… I’ll be posting conference pics very soon.

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