Monday, October 25, 2010

No Frills Language

I subscribe to a great blog, "Life In the Boomer Lane." Her posts are just
hilarious and deliver a lovely little dose of reality every day, or so.

I'm not in the boomer lane just yet but seem to share and/or relate to some
of this blogger's experiences. I've always felt I was an older person trapped in
a younger body.Proof perhaps?

One of Renee's posts last week had me in absolute hysterics - Six Word Memoirs.
Apparently the AARP recently published memoirs from the senior community. Hers
was a cracker, but the premise of such an exercise got me thinking about the
current trajectory of our language, being reduced to 140 characters, or short
bytes that can be digested in 30 second spans - the most time that people have
available before moving to the next post.

In other words, stripping everything superfluous, discarding the verbose
and really, communicating in the most rudimentary way. It can be unintelligible
and selfish at times. No frills indeed.

I will be exploring the meaning of words - the frilly and not so - in my next
MediaPost column, but in the meantime here are a few of my six word memoirs:

- Started way too young, oh well.
- Ahead of my time. Cliche? Yes.
- Still learning to walk the walk.
- Lots of frequent flier points accumulated
- Tinting hasn't affected my brain cells (I cheated here)
- Round the way girl lived here.
- Most obnoxious line used, "Google Me!"

What are your six words?

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  1. Great memoirs! You can submit your six-word memoirs at SMITH Magazine, the creator of the project and collaborator with AARP. No senior citizen status required. :)

    -Alyssa, SMITH intern