Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What I Had For Breakfast: The Dumbest Marketing Idea Ever

Only a nonparent could design a website for children that "allows them to plan what's for dinner."

The premise of this dumbest marketing idea ever - ZisBoomBah (even the name sounds utterly stupid)
- is that kids get to learn about nutrition as they custom design what they want for dinner.

What a brilliant idea!?1#&#! Kids designing their own meal plan... I can't believe that no one has thought of this before.

Not only does Mom, or Dad, have to contend with holding down a job or two, and cooking after a nice long, stressful day's work, but now little Sally's custom menu selection will miraculously appear in Mom's inbox together with a recipe and shopping list.

"Go on Mom, Dad, what are you standing around for? Go buy these ingredients for my dinner - and make it!"

While I know that feeding children healthfully is a challenge for many parents (I am a parent of two) and that some guidance can be very helpful in making healthier selections, the thought that a young child will be making dinner and shopping choices for their parents is one of the most daft ideas I've ever come across.

Oh, and the website is "sponsored" by food companies and brands, so you know what the real impetus is here: "educate" children about our healthy food products so that Mom will buy them.

Helping kids make smart food choices?

It's nearly enough to put to you off your food!

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