Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When Two iPhones Make Out, from Mobile Insider

I had to share a brilliant article by Steve Smith called "Phoney Sex" with some great insights into the hyperconnected culture of personal technology.

One of the article's leading points has a particular resonance with me, as both a mobile marketer and, of course, as a human being. Before long, our devices (at our bidding, mind you) will be interacting with the world around us, registering approval and disapproval of everything we encounter, from advertisements to potential sexual partners, based on self-calibrated measures of taste and preference.

We are at a point, as Steve implies and I agree, where the advancing current of our technology has met a tidal shift in our attitudes toward personal publicity, and the force of both have created an irresistible and self-reinforcing spiral that will define our culture for a generation to come.

You can read the entire piece Phoney Sex: Whatever Two Consenting iPhones Do In The Privacy Of Their Own Conversation on MediaPost.com.

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