Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught redux

My colleague at The ThinkTank, Erin Schmidt, asked a great question today....

Can entrepreneurship be taught?

Disclosure - our nonprofit division works with the South Florida chapter of a national organization that helps young people from low-income and disadvantaged communities learn entrepreneurship and business skills in middle and high school. NFTE , which is short for The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, gives these young people the tools to break the cycle of poverty and find their own pathway to prosperity through financial independence and a sense of purpose.

These amazing young kids develop business plans and learn about the value of making it on their own, creating a concept, an idea, a vision and applying those in real-world, real-time applications.

The result is a generation of youth who recognize that jobs are not for life and college is no guarantee of employment. These are the youth that are creating small economic engines in communities all over the country, determined to be the first in their family to finish high school, go to college and start own business - or two.

These youth are our entrepreneurs of tomorrow and living proof that entrepreneurship can indeed be taught. As Erin wrote in her blog, "entrepreneurship should be taught not just within the walls of the university – but in our public school systems and in our communities, so that we can nurture and mentor the next generation of innovators."

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