Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Dropout Economy, Innovation and More…

Two great reads today, one in today’s NYT courtesy of Thomas Friedman called “Just Doing It” and another, The Dropout Economy from the March 22nd issue of TIME.

What’s so special about these two articles? They both talk about the new, next wave of innovation in the United States. Born out of necessity, frustration, need and, well, pursuit of the dream that anything is possible – the American way, right?

From all walks of life and backgrounds, we are being forced to look at new models, invent new ways and eek out a living for ourselves. Unemployment be damned!

The past two years have been awful, to be sure, but they’ve given birth (or rebirth I should say) to a dynamic innovation culture that had fallen off the bandwagon.

Not innovating yet? Get out there and start doing it!

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