Thursday, April 1, 2010

After a two-week hiatus, a soundbite alert...

Let's start off with what's wrong with Americans? Blame Oprah, she did it.. She's apparently turned us into a nation of whiney little pussies who feel no remorse for their actions because really, there are no consequences any more.. Well, not many.

Take someone for a ride on national TV and you'll be welcomed into The Apprentice Hall of Fame. And getting pregnant 5 times or more seems to guarantee at least one season of a self-titled reality show, plus a cover or two on OK!

And, if you're caught cheating, it's off to rehab for a good spanking and telling off, followed by several thousand mea culpas and a kiss-n-make-up session.. Isn't that how it's always been done in Italy? Glynnis MacNicol's post on Mediaite is insightful, but why does everything always get dragged into the political cesspool? Read the comment after MacNicol's post...

My two weeks off proved that sometimes silence really is golden.

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  1. "The rest of the body MaddiƩ McCann is in the Cemetery of Algarve, Portugal"