Saturday, January 9, 2010

One More Mobile Divination for 2010!

These predictions come from a recent column in MediaPost by Ryan Deutsch, vice president, strategic services and market development for StrongMail Systems. It’s definitely worth a read! His forecast? Cautiously optimistic (my preferred stance), while straight up on what's working and what needs work!

"As we all gear up for the new year, I figured I would join the long list of bloggers making predictions for 2010. As a courtesy, I am going to keep my positions simple and VERY straightforward, as this will make it easy for each of you to call me out at year's end for any and all completely incorrect calls that I made.” Cheers, Ryan!

The Year of SMS, Sort of Could it be? As email marketers, we have heard for years how critical SMS communications would be to brands and consumers. In fact, I recently heard an analyst joke that we just finished the Decade of SMS Marketing. It felt like each year would be the year for marketers to invest heavily in mobile programs, but that investment never seemed to become a reality.

While mobile has become critical for alert and time-sensitive communications, applications for direct marketing have not materialized. While some brands have leveraged mobile in a meaningful way (to capture off-line options to campaigns, for example), few have committed heavily. I think 2010 will be the year of mobile - but not from a traditional direct marketing standpoint. As applications proliferate on mobile devices and further integrate location services, we will see marketers trying to leverage true location marketing.

I think 2010 is the year for early adopters in location-based marketing. If you are not the early adopter type, be sure you are using mobile for critical alerts or offline opt-ins while you wait for location-based case studies to hit the street. Then make sure you have a mobile (iPhone/Android) application ready to go for 2011."

You can read the rest of Ryan's predictions on MediaPost here

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