Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Unpredictions For 2010/Beyond the Press Release

This is part of a series of unpredictions I've written -- this one being closest to my heart, an anti-forecast for the PR industry. In a nutshell, I am optimistic about what 2010 holds for us in PR. I have to be. I believe the industry is well-positioned to take great strides over the coming year. Operating from a frugal mindset, more businesses are definitely favoring the value and effectiveness of PR over high-investment strategies like, um, advertising. And as the recovery takes hold and government continues to incentivize small business creation, I also see a lot of startups turning to PR to help with market development, branding and visibility. This is a good thing.

Most agencies -- size notwithstanding -- have taken a battering this year, being challenged to do a whole lot more with a whole lot less. Going forward, I see the leaders in PR as those who distinguish themselves in this highly competitive environment by going the extra mile for clients. And in an era of doing more with less, this will be as much a survival strategy as a competitive edge in 2010.

But enough of the serious stuff. Click here my unpredictions for 2010, and if any come to fruition, you'll have to blame my crystal ball!

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