Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Three BIG cheers to Shiv Singh, of Razorfish and blogger behind Going Social Now for seeing the big picture! As smartphones make their way into every pocket (and palm) on the planet, mobile marketing and advertising is perched to offer brands an immense level of inter-connectivity - more than anyone could have imagined!

Social media is absolutely working to the benefit of [mobile] marketing and "using customers to create customers," to quote Singh. Smartphones, however, will have a reach far beyond that of Twitter or Facebook, so get ready.

Of course, there's still a huge learning curve as brands and businesses hone their strategies and messages for this medium. Time is a precious commodity and to keep people engaged and opting in, offers have to be desirable and more importantly, relevant, or people will simply tune out.

Those who still dismiss mobile as a marketing fad, do so at their peril. Mobile is here to stay. Ask anyone (who's anyone.)

Click here to read Mary Ellen Slayter's interview with Shiv Singh.

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