Friday, December 4, 2009

9 unpredictions: What's not going to happen with mobile in 2010

Instead of producing an annual predictions list that many analysts and forecasters will be doing from now through the end of January, I am producing a series of "What's not going to happen in 2010" forecasts.

As the precursor to predictions, I have become weary of the retrospective look back at a year to think about what did not happen. A year riddled with missed targets and dashed expectations. And particularly this year, a year that was almost destined for failure – if we were to believe the 2009 predictions – before it even began.

To be sure, the mobile industry had an interesting 2009.

And true to form, many of the developments that came to characterize this year in mobile went unmentioned by prognosticators in 2008. In an industry so defined by technological advances, perhaps explicit forecasting is outmoded altogether? Now there’s an ironic concept.

But while I am reverse engineering the process of predictions here please remember that, as with any form of prophesying, I could be wrong. So click here to read my “unpredictions" specific to the mobile space for 2010, in the form of headlines I do not think we are not going to see.

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