Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Storytelling Is An Art, Especially In PR

If a picture paints a thousand words, then how much is a tweet worth? Ten words, a dozen?

When embracing Twitter, have you struggled to write something profound or worthwhile within the confines of 140 characters? I have. Don't get me wrong, tweet speak has its place in our digital world, but with every process that strips away the need to construct coherent and meaningful prose, not just blurts with links, we will in turn think less about what and how we write. It's already happening.

Good stories don't need to be packaged in special kits or on glossy paper to be effective. They just need to tell and ultimately sell our clients' stories very well – especially in PR.

Stories have been around for thousands of years, influencing people and their decisions. My goal is for my stories to have that kind of power, whether I’m writing for myself or about my clients.

There's an article in today's MediaPost(disclosure - written by me)“Storytelling Is An Art” , that discusses this topic.

Do you think the art of storytelling is waning? How important is it to you?

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